Coconut Pancakes!

These tasty pancakes made with coconut flour are a great alternative for those of you who are wheat sensitive.  Forget the sugar loaded syrups, all

Blueberry Breakfast Energy Shake!

  This Blueberry power shake is the perfect breakfast to start your morning off and it’s super easy.  Combine all the ingredients in a blender

Black bean breakfast burritos

This burrito comes packed full of flavour without the unnecessary fat or calories.  I’ve cleaned it up and the best part of the wrap is

Breakfast stuffed peppers!

Egg stuffed peppers are perfect for breakfast and even better if you’re hosting a meal!  Friends and family will surely be impressed and think you

Hulk crushing green smoothie!

I call this smoothie “the Hulk” because it’s so nutritionally dense and packs a powerful punch of green power foods. Smoothies are a great way