Learn to Olympic Lift

Have you ever wanted to learn how to do Olympic lifting? 

Or maybe brush up on your current skills or go after a PR you can’t quite get just yet? Kirst’s weightlifting class is perfect for everyone. From someone who has never picked up a barbell to someone who is interested in competing in the sport.

About this class

We always start with a movement specific warm up, then we get right into the skill development portion. The skill development portion builds our technique and confidence with the Snatch and Clean and Jerk.

After we work on the technical side of things, we always finish with strength building, so either squatting or single leg strength movements. To close the class I like to bring in a bit of Yin yoga to allow our brains and bodies to switch gears and start the recovery process. All classes are Pre-registered, check with Mel!

Tuesday’s Olympic lifting is included in your monthly membership.


Kirst Riewe, BSc

Kirst Riewe grew up playing a wide variety of sports. Her journey into Crossfit and weightlifting started in 2013. The variety and challenge that came with this sport had her hooked! In 2015 she got her Crossfit Level 1 Certification and decided to lift full time. Since then, Kirst has competed all over the world and is currently competing as a Masters athlete with competition this spring. Her goal is to inspire you to want to fall in love with the barbell as she did. The strength, skill, rewards, and personal growth that can be discovered through this sport is beautiful. Kirst has her BSc Human Ecology, National Coaching Program Cert. and Competitive Coaching L-1 for Weightlifting & Precision Nutrition L-1.