Youth Athletic Training

Our athletic training program is geared toward youths and teenagers wanting to build their fitness and confidence and gain that competitive edge. Our goal is to give your child a step up in athletic training using specific exercises to improve their game performance.

45 minutes is $55 +GST = $58 Individual youth training

60 minutes is $70 +GST = $74 Individual youth training

Doubles training for 60 minutes $90 +GST = $95

Groups of 3 or more, contact Mel for details.

What does our training program look like?

We focus on mobility exercises to help prevent injuries such as rotator cuff from repeated shooting arm, knee and ankle twisting, from fast directional changes and hip injuries, from feet planted and twisting torso aggressively. Training starts and finishes with mobility exercises specific to the day’s workout. These exercises will help prep the mind, body and muscles getting them ready to move!

The workout consists of Plyometric exercises like box jumps, Bosu jumps, banded floor jumps and jumping lunges for explosive power, like jumping up under the hoop or sprinting down the floor.
Balance and Agility exercises like drills through hurdles or ladders, lateral jumps on the Bosu for learning proper body awareness and movement, such as hand-eye coordination or being able to change direction quickly and accelerate.

Strength training, learning how to lift weights properly with correct form for exercises such as squats, deadlifts, bench press, shoulder press, pull ups to create a full body workout making sure there are no muscle imbalances.
Endurance/ Cardiovascular training such as running/ sprinting, Assault Bike or skipping…every athlete needs to build a foundation of cardiovascular strength so that they are not winded running up and down the court!

How to Book

How to book a Personal Training session with Mel…I am available outside the class times, please refer to the group classes page to see these times. Sunday is my day off. Then go to the contact page, once you’re there, send me a couple of options of days and time your child is available. Please fill out the fitness history form. The more specific information you send me, such as current sports, and current injuries or past injuries and goals to be reached out of these sessions, the better program I can put together.