I was looking for change and something different to achieve my goals in fitness and in life. One of which is to advance from a Volunteer to a Full Time Firefighter. To do this you must have a strong balance of strength and fitness. After some convincing from my wife, joining Mel-FIT I can say was one of the best choices I could have made. I started doing advanced training with the Mel-FIT family and the gains were huge. My strength and fitness not to mention my physique all changed. I am stronger and faster in all aspects of my fitness and owe my successes all to the training I have received. I feel better and healthier and look forward to my training sessions and pushing myself to the next level. Thanks Mel for all your motivation and friendship.
Trevor B.
I have been going to Melfit for over seven years - it's the only place that I've felt motivated and comfortable going on my own (without a friend) my entire life. Mel is one in a million- she fosters a gym family atmosphere where everyone is included regardless of their fitness level. If your looking for that personal touch this place is for you!
Jen H.
I’ve been coming to Mel-fit cross training since 2015, I did not know what to expect from the gym and myself when I started. What I found was an amazing owner, amazing coach and someone who inspired my fitness and me as a person, all wrapped up in one person, “Mel”. Mel- Fit gets an easy High 5 Star's.
MARK S. 61 years young. A.K.A. Chalkboy
After joining Melfit, all my CrossFit techniques have improved incredibly. Her attention to detail and coaching have taught me so much. I am a fitter, better athlete because of this great gym. If you are looking to grow as an athlete, sweat and most of all have FUN doing it, then Melfit is for you.
Henry L.
Training at Mel-Fit opened the door to new skills and challenges that I didn’t think I could do. On my first day I remember the frustration of not being able to do a couple slam-balls, but I kept showing up every time and not only was I able to pick up the pace but I was able to crush new goals and find the inner confidence I lacked. Thank you Mel. Much love,
El O.
My relationship with Mel began as a student 3 years ago, and quickly evolved to friendship. I believe that’s what sets her apart from her industry peers. She doesn’t only give of her time, she gives of herself. Her belief in you and your ability to be the best you can be is what shines thru time after time, class after class. Mel is more than just a fitness trainer – she is a coach, an advocate, a mentor. She gives us 100%, and expects you to give yourself nothing less in return.
Alison H.
When I joined Mel-FIT, I had just come off a pretty serious knee injury and had not been able to do very much for a year. Mel was so great about always making sure there were alternative exercises to do that worked the same muscles. After being there for a few months my knee was completely usable again:) and I haven’t had problems with it since. The way everyone supports each other is really key to being successful! Mels boot camp is great for all levels of fitness but after a few months with Mel you will be a rock star:)
Hannah D.
Mel’s classes are awesome! Mel helps guide you to become stronger and build a sense of pride knowing that you can make your goals & dreams happen! Just completed my first Tough Mudder & signed up for next year! Can’t wait to see what Mel will have planned for us next class!
Denise K.
I am stronger and in better shape than at any other time in my life thanks to Mel-Fit! The gym is fun and supportive environment. Mel is an awesome coach. She always makes sure that you understand the movements, and if you don’t she always has mods. With different workouts everyday, I always find them fun and challenging.
Megan D.
I joined Mel-Fit approximately 6 years ago. My Multiple Sclerosis left me with extremely poor balance and there had been numerous falls that resulted in injuries. Mel worked with me through Personal Training for a couple months and her encouragement and profound knowledge gave me the confidence to start regular classes. The improvement in my balance and physical strength has been nothing short of astounding. Mel truly cares about each individual and is accommodating with all types of modifications. She always goes the extra mile for her “gym family” and I can honestly say that I’m very fortunate to be a part of her gym.
Carol H. A.K.A. Boss Lady Carol