Personal Training

Many of my clients have told me, one of the reasons they sought out my gym was because at Mel-FIT, you get the entire gym to yourself! There are no loud group classes going on while we train or other trainers with their clients, sharing this space. I understand that change is hard and walking into a new gym can be even harder. Mel-FIT is a safe place for you to be you, there is no judgment here. Your first goal is to get through the front door, and I can help you with the rest!

Personal Training is a great place to start, especially if you are new to fitness, have injuries or have a specific goal or training program in mind. Personal Training is all about you and your needs! Here are some of the things you might want to focus on…

Personal Training will get you comfortable in the gym, teach you how to work out safely and help build your confidence if you’d like to continue into the group class.


Personal Training is $70+GST=$73.50 for a one hour session.

Doubles Training is $100+GST=$105 / groups of 3 or more contact Mel.

How to book a Personal Training session with Mel…I am available outside the class times, please refer to the group class page to see these times. Then go to the contact page, once you’re there, send me a couple of options of days and times of your availabile. Please fill out the fitness history form. The more specific information you send me, the better I can help you with your goals.