Regular Classes

Our group classes welcome all levels of fitness! If there is an exercise you can’t do, I have a modification ready for you.

We like to work hard, have fun and sweat our butts off! While the workouts may be timed, you are only racing against you…you do you!

Workouts consist of everything from using the Olympic bars for lifting such as Clean and Jerks, Snatch, Deadlifts, Squats, Thrusters etc.…don’t worry, you learn to lift using a plastic dowel first and make your way up using bars that are 15lbs. To 45lbs.

We do body weight exercises such as ring rows, planks, pull ups, and push-ups. To get your cardio going, we do box jumps or step ups, wall balls, skipping, running, and Assault Bikes.

And of course there are balance and agility exercises using the Bosu, ladders, cones and TRX’s to build skills and keep all the little muscles strong and flexible.

Classes can be circuit style, on your own or paired up and doing the team workouts…it’s always nice to share the pain with someone!