Monkey see, monkey do!

lego ryder

This is Ryder’s Lego gym!

This afternoon my client Terra, sent me this awesome picture of her son’s Lego creation…what do you see?  I’ll give you a little bit of history to help you out.  Terra’s sons name is Ryder, he often comes to my Boot Camp classes with his Mom or Dad.  When Ryder first started coming to class, he was very shy and would sit in the gym and watch his Mom and Dad workout.  As he got more comfortable with this new routine of going to the gym with his parents, he made it to the play room and hung out with the other kids.  Then last summer I taught a kids boot camp class and Ryder was very excited and eager to do the classes.  He spent all this time watching his parents workout and now it was his turn!  Ryder was an energy machine! Shortly after that, he completed his first kids Mud race!  He was unstoppable out there, running through the mud, climbing ropes and balancing on logs.  What does this have to do with the Lego picture…EVERYTHING!  Ryder built my gym out of Lego and the two figures working out are his Mom and Dad.  I just thought is was cool to see how his parents actions and healthy lifestyle has influenced Ryder today…monkey see, monkey do! He see’s them working out on a regular bases and to him, this is just everyday life, and that fitness is an important part of that!  Keep on inspiring us Ryder!

Mud Run!

Ryder is on the left coming up out of the Mud Crawl!

Kids Mud Run

Ryder is on the right with his Mud race finisher’s medal and his team mate is my son Chase beside him.


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