Jenn’s Fitness Journey

As many people know I have been on a journey to a healthier lifestyle.  I have had so many setbacks and I am proud of myself for overcoming every single obstacle that has been thrown in front of me.  I’m truly so lucky to have an incredibly awesome support team.  My husband Tim, for putting up with me thru so much, has always been there to tell me how proud he is of me.  My wife April, for slapping my ass into place.  Robert for all the encouraging words and putting up with me n general.  And Angie for always being me inspiration. 

Now there’s Mel-FIT!  Mel has completely changed my life.  She’s always there to share my gains and push me past what I think my limit is. She truly is a huge key to my success.  This is just the beginning, I am definitely not done!”~Jenn

To date Jen is down 100lbs and just ran her first 8km thru the trails of Royal Roads …nonstop! She is such an inspiration to us all, “ make moves not excuses

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