Breakfast stuffed peppers!

egg fEgg stuffed peppers are perfect for breakfast and even better if you’re hosting a meal!  Friends and family will surely be impressed and think you went to a lot of trouble to prepare these especially for them.  The stuffed ingredient combo’s are endless.  The easiest way to get started is, to open your fridge and grab some leftovers!  I was preparing these for my kids so I went with good old ham and cheese, snuck some spinach in on the bottom and for mine I added cilantro!  Choose your ingredients and be sure to chop them up into fine pieces, then stuff into pepper.  I used 2 beaten eggs per half pepper.  Pour into pepper SLOWLY, let the egg settle in.  Place the stuffed peppers into a baking pan.  Pour a little bit of water into the dish so that the bottom doesn’t burn.   Bake for 45 mins. at 375 degrees, enjoy!







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