The You Project

Your Time Starts Now!

What is The You Project? It’s my super duper amazing idea that I am so pumped to share! I want to bring women together for a day, in hopes of inspiring them to take time for themselves and make their health a priority! I’ve spent hours running on trails, hashing out ideas and many discussions over coffee with friends, on how to bring this epic day to you, and now it’s here! Originally this event was scheduled two years ago, but COVID changed all of that. I’m ready to move forward and I hope you’ll join me! I want to take your “I can’t do that“ and change it to “yes I can”.

The You Project is a day filled with fitness, inspiration, empowerment and knowledge, all wrapped up in one. I have lined up an amazing group of women who are excited to share their stories and knowledge with you!. My goal is to inspire you to be the best version of yourself. Fitness is ageless, we can start our journey to a healthier lifestyle at any age, you just have to have the can-do attitude! There are eight sessions throughout the day and a lunch break in the middle. Below is a brief description of each topic and the timeline for the day, as well, a bio of all our presenters. Space is limited, register early so you don’t miss out on this amazing day full of incredible women sharing their story and passion!



Arrive and sign waivers and get settled.


Introduction and set our intentions for the day!


Wake the day up with some gentle yoga, stretching and range of motion…for all levels.


Nutrition 101. Mel is going to cover general nutrition of proteins, fats and carbs. How food affects the body, and what foods to food combine for maximum energy. We’ll discuss meal plans and you’ll have an outline to take home as well.


Circuit style workout for all fitness levels.


Positive Self-Esteem lecture. Do you wish some days you could just shut your brain off, rewire your thought patterns from the negative conversations we have with ourselves to positive ones. Simone, who has her B.A. in Psychology and Masters in Counseling Psychology, will breakdown the process and give you the tools to create a new positive awareness for yourself.


Lunch break!


Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist. Did you know that one in three women in Canada, have some form of Pelvic Floor Dysfunction impacting their lives. “Pee leakage” happens and it sucks! You could be in the middle of exercising like skipping, or running. Or you laugh too hard at a joke or sneeze, and bam, you find yourself running to the bathroom, again! With the help of Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy, we can have an open conversation about these challenges! Sarah will provide a hands on approach and give us exercise to take home!


Personal safety and empowerment is what Kris, of Sheepdog Self-Protection does best! She will share with you her popular program Fight Back for Women, which is a hands-on approach that teaches women, self awareness of your surroundings and what to do when you're out alone. Topics such as stranger on stranger attacks, how to avoid being the target of an attack and realistic responses on how to protect yourself if all else fails.


Mind Mapping Goals. Choosing a goal is the usually the easiest part and figuring out how to get started can be the hardest. Mind mapping is a tool that can create a visual pathway to organise the steps required to get you there. I use this tool all the time to organise my busy brain. I am a visual person so when I can see the obstacles in front of me, it’s easier to come up with solutions to solving them. Once you have your goal, we’ll draw out the pathway to achieving it. Of course there will be barriers along the way, but if we can list them in detail, and find the solutions ahead of time, when they come up, you’ll be well prepared to deal with them and stay on your path. Join Mel in creating your new pathway!


Lori Herron closing lecture. Meet yourself where you're at right now! Age is just a number and your health and fitness journey can start at anytime. Lori has a “no excuse” mantra and you will always hear her saying, “just keep moving your feet”. Oh...if only her feet could tell the stories of all the miles she has put on them and the adventures and lessons learned along the way. Lucky for you, Lori will share some of these inspiring stories with us.

THe Details!

Time: 8am-4:30pm

When: Sunday October 2nd.

Location: Mel-FIT X-Training Centre, located 1039 Langford Parkway. Park ONLY in the Princess Auto lot please, gym is down the side.

COST: $129+ GST for gym members / $139+ GST non-members.

PRE-REGISTRATION is required. Payment made ahead, via e-transfer.  Space is limited!

WHAT TO BRING besides your awesome self! A lawn chair for sitting, note book and pen, yoga mat, warm layers as you may get cold sitting in the gym, water bottle and your lunch. You have 45mins for lunch break.


Melanie Leeder

Melanie Leeder is the owner/operator of Mel-FIT X-Training Center. She is a lover of life and adventure junkie! She became a BCRPA Certified Personal Trainer in 2003; Certified Crossfit Level 1 Instructor in 2010, Crossfit Olympic lifting and Gymnastics. She has her Sports Nutrition and Rehabilitation Cert. Her sports background consists of figure skating, swimming instructor, Triathlons, body-building, marathons, trail running and ultra running 100kms, hiking trails such as the West Coast trail, Machu Picchu in Peru and part of the Pembrokeshire Coastal path in Wales!. Mel can be found in the gym or running on a trail deep in the woods, doing what she does best, sharing her love for cross-training and building a strong community of like-minded people! I believe any goal is possible if you’re willing to put the work in and get your “can-do” attitude on!

Contact Mel at


Simone Duff

Simone Duff is a registered clinical counsellor. She currently works both as a counsellor at an inpatient addictions centre and co-owns a private practice focusing on sport performance and achieving wellness through lifestyle changes. She supports people with understanding how their substance use impacts their ability to live their life in a meaningful way and encourages them to explore their psychological, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. In private practice, she runs regular support groups for addiction aftercare, self-esteem, and completes one on one counselling sessions. Simone has completed several ultramarathons, participated many years of CrossFit, and is now working towards completing an Ironman Triathlon next year. She values how physical health can positively impact an individual’s mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Simone helps empower people to make their own choices based on what is important to them and helps navigate obstacles that can get in the way. Overall, Simone practises with a culturally responsive and trauma-informed lens to work alongside clients and to help them.

Contact Simone at

778-819-2488 ext. 2

Kris Greffard

Kris Greffard is the owner of Sheepdog Self-Protection Inc, a company dedicated to delivering current reality based self-protection training to people of all ages and abilities. Kris has been training in the area of street combat since 2005. She has been a law enforcement officer since 2008. Kris is committed to creating safer communities by empowering those who live in them. Kris can be contacted at

Lori Herron

Lori Herron It’s been said that for some people, we can be “late starters”. I believe that analogy would apply to me for running. I started running at 39 years of age- my first event was longer than a marathon distance. It went well- I was hooked. Later that same year, my goal was to complete a marathon before my 40th birthday. I took on the Royal Victoria marathon months before my 40th. It just snowballed from there. I have completed 19 marathons including the Boston marathon in 2005. That same year I ran another ” longer than marathon distance”.

Otherwise referred to as an Ultra marathon. I have completed a number of 50km, 50 miler, 100km and 100 milers ( 13 or 14 ) My longest distance was the Tahoe 200 in 2018.

While these events are quite mind boggling,the greatest satisfaction is from volunteering in the running community. I am the volunteer coordinator for the local Finlayson Arm Trail race. That involves a 28km, 50km & 100km distance. And well over 100 volunteers. I am also the volunteer coordinator for the Vancouver Island Trail Series.

I have also been fortunate enough to do many, really epic, amazing adventures. Like traversing the Grand Canyon from south rim to north rim and returning- all in one day.

Staying active, whatever that looks like for each person is a wonderful way to meet people, it’s the best thing we can do for our mental health. It cannot be overstated.

Sarah Hubbs

Sarah Hubbs is a Registered Physiotherapist with post graduate training in Women’s Pelvic Health and Neurological Rehabilitation. Sarah graduated from the University of British Columbia in 2009 with a Masters of Physical Therapy. Prior to this Sarah completed a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology at the University of Victoria in 2007 and a Diploma of Physical Education from Vancouver Island University in 2004.

Sarah’s passion for women’s pelvic health grew immensely, which led her to pursue post-graduate training and mentorship in the assessment and treatment of pelvic floor dysfunction, incontinence, prolapse, and pelvic pain. Sarah’s primary interest is facilitating safe and enjoyable return to exercise/sport postpartum. Sarah is a Pre/Post Natal fitness Consultant, Strength Training Instructor, YogaFit Instructor, and Pilates Mat and Reformer Instructor. She utilizes these exercise based approaches along with education, manual techniques and EMG biofeedback to help her clients return to the activities that they love without pain or injury.

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