trail running for beginners

Trail-FIT is a trail running program geared toward road runners who want to go from road to trail but don’t know where to start.

It’s time to get out of the concrete jungle and into the quietness of the forest, where the only sounds you’ll hear are the leaves and branches breaking upon each step and the birds waking up from the morning sun!

I started this program last year after my first 105km called The Finlayson Arm 28km/55km/105km race. I had a lot of time to think during that race and that’s where Trail-FIT was born. I knew there were people out there that wanted to do trail running but just didn’t know where to start and more specifically, they didn’t feel comfortable navigating a run out in the middle of a forest. I took everything I learned about trail running and designed this program. Things you’ll learn…how to run on the trails through mud and over roots, or downhill running. What specific gear you will need like, shoes and outerwear. What nutrition to have before, during and after a run. What to pack, like essentials…first-aid kit. All the do’s and don’t I have painfully gone through, I will pass onto you!

Programs offered…

Learn to trail-run, this is a 6-8 week on going beginner running program or walk to run. On-going means every 6-8 weeks you will get a new running program building up to being able to run 3-5km on a trail. Group runs are usually early Sunday mornings on local trails around the Westshore area. During the week, you follow your program on the trail we just did on the weekend. We usually start our program on the Ed Nixon Trail in Langford.

Start date and price…TBA contact Mel for details.

Let’s get in the forest…trail running program! Is for those of you who have done the program above and are comfortable with a 10km trail run. Our group runs will explore the local trails and build your confidence and navigation skills.

Start date and price…TBA contact Mel for details.

If your visiting the area and looking for a guided run on one of our local trails, contact Mel for more info.