Regular Classes

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Our regular class programs are group workouts.  We like to work hard, have fun and sweat our butts off! WOD’s a.k.a. Work-Outs of the DAY consist of everything from Olympic lifting such as Clean and Jerks, Snatch, Deadlifts, Squats, Thrusters etc…to body weight exercises and gymnastics such as pull ups, toes to bar, pushups, ring dips, handstands etc… then there are cardio driven exercises like box jumps, wall balls, skipping, running, rowing and kettle bells.  And of course there are balance and agility exercises using the Bosu, ladders, cones and TRX’s to build skills and keep all the little muscles strong and flexible.   Classes can be a circuit style or sometimes you’re on your own racing the clock OR even better yet, paired up and doing the team workouts…always nice to share the pain with someone!

How it all works…first you contact me, from there, I will review your fitness history then decide which class best suits your skill level so that you have an amazing experience for your free week at Mel-FIT. Once you are done your free week, you can purchase a monthly pass or punch card and go directly into the Jump-Start fundamentals class. If you would like to go into the regular classes, you will need to book a Personal Training session for $50, with me. In this session I will review all of the foundation movements such as Olympic lifts, gymnastics, Kettle bells, etc…to make sure you can do these movements efficiently and effectively. Our regular classes move at a faster pace and you need to be able to perform these exercises safely.

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