Jump-Start Fundamentals

JUMP-START Fundamentals are a great place to start! If you are new to fitness, haven’t worked out in awhile, if you are unfamiliar with Olympic Lifts such as the Clean ‘n Jerk, Over Head Squat or Snatch or if you are recovering from an injury. This creative and fun introductory program, gives you the foundations you will need to safely and confidently, join in with the regular classes.

The Jump Start program teaches you all the exercises we do in the regular classes but with more one on one attention and at your own pace and skill level. This is also a comfortable way to introduce you to the gym, such as how to use the equipment, where it all goes, clean up and gym policy’s.

What are the benefits of group exercise…ACCOUNTABILITY, motivation and new friendships with your community of like-minded people. You’ll also get nutritional advice, recipes, goal setting and more!

How it all works…first you contact me, from there, I will review your fitness history then decide which class best suits your skill level so that you have an amazing experience for your free week at Mel-FIT. Once you are done your free week, you can purchase a monthly pass or punch card and go directly into the Jump-Start fundamentals class. If you would like to go into the regular classes, you will need to book a Personal Training session for $50, with me. In this session I will review all of the foundation movements such as Olympic lifts, gymnastics, Kettle bells, etc…to make sure you can do these movements efficiently and effectively. Our regular classes move at a faster pace and you need to be able to perform these exercises safely.

Monday / Friday 10:00am-11:00am
Wednesday 9:00am-10:00am circuit workout and 5:00-6:00pm Kick-boxing
Tuesday / Thursday 7:00pm-8:00pm
Saturday’s 9:00am-10:00am Mudder training

I joined  in January and have completed 2 weeks and love it. I am amazing myself on what I can do. Mel is the best. Great motivator. She pushes you but only so you realize how much more you can do. I feel so much better already with more energy and I feel so much better about myself. Being 60 and never having gone to a gym before it took me a lot of courage to go. But I am so glad I did. Thanks Mel.  ~Jill.V.

I just wanted to say thank you so much for helping me kick start my life back into gear. What a positive change! I love your class and am really looking forward to being able to up to more days a week. I thought this may make you smile to hear. For the past 4 years in the morning I am unable to do the stairs in my house normally. I have to turn sideways and do the stairs one at a time. Yesterday I woke up and headed downstairs to let the dogs outside for a pee and then hit the last step and went WTF???? I just walked down the stairs normally.  In one week I have lost 4 pounds. I know that’s not a lot but the combination of cleaner eating and a regular workout is helping. This is something I look forward to .. its hard but I love it. I can’t wait to advance to the boot camp.  Thank you so much for changing my life with your affordable, positive gym and crossfit classes… you are amazing.~A.W.

I just finished the Beginner F.I.T. 5 Week Program with a healthy weight loss of 18.4 lbs, but it’s not just about losing weight ,I have a lot more energy and my flexibility has improved greatly. I have shoulder and knee issues but Melanie modified the exercise so that I could participate in all the workouts, thanks Melanie. I was shocked to see that in time I was doing things that I never dreamed I could. Also I was part of a wonderful group of ladies supporting each other during our workouts. Looking forward to January and starting a whole new Beginner F.I.T. Program ~Adele.S.

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