Circle Of Love

circle of loveMel’s “circle of love” is all about the community of people who come to my gym, more specifically, ALL the events we do outside the gym.  You see we are so much more than a gym, we are a family, we are friends and most important, each other’s cheering squad!  Every class is started off with a “circle of love” question, kinda like a question of the day.  The purpose is for our members to get to know each other, share their thoughts or vent about their day!  What makes us different is that our “gym” extends outside its four walls.  The idea is that if you surround yourself with “like-minded” people who share similar health and fitness goals you are more likely to achieve your own goals.

So I’ve created a support system that goes beyond the gym.   On my events page is a list of all the activities we are doing from local running races, to all the Mud races and more.  The idea is that if you don’t have a friend or family member who wants to do it with you, there is for sure someone from the gym who is on that list who would do it with you.  We also do a lot of family events, such as ice skating, hiking, hanging out at the beach, summer BBQ’s and our January 1st WOD at 10am then I host breakfast for all!  Our lives are so busy these days, so having a supportive and healthy community of friends behind you, keeps you accountable and on track for achieving your goals!  Can’t wait for you to join our community!

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